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A Safety Edge System helps to protect personnel in applications involving power operated doors, guided moving vehicles and moving machinery beds. Providing a continuous line of touch sensing along the edge of a surface, a safety edge system is designed to send a stop or reverse-motion signal to the machinery control system whenever pressure is applied anywhere along its profile.

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Safety Mats

MatGuardA Safety Mat is a pressure sensitive safeguarding device designed to provide area protection by detecting the presence of people on its sensing surface. It consists of two conductive hardened steel plates that are held apart by non-conductive compressible separators. The circuit through the mat is monitored by a control unit, which provides a signal to the machine control circuit when the area is clear. When the mat is stepped on, the conductive plates touch and the control unit sends a shutdown signal to the machine.

Safety mats are well suited to protecting moderately sized areas and are ideal for applications in harsh environments. These mats are usually sealed to IP67 with a tough, slip resistant, moulded vinal coating, giving excellent protection against liquids.

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