Safety Products

All our safety products are designed to ensure the safety of personal operating or working with, or in the vicinity of, machinery.



The supply and use of machinery and equipment is covered by a range of European Directives which have been implemented in EC and EEA countries. For the safety of machinery there are two directives of particular relevance:

1) The Machinery Directive

Implemented in the UK as the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992, this directive covers the supply of new machinery and other equipment including safety components. In most cases it is an offence to supply relevant equipment unless it complies with the directive. This means that it must satisfy the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR) of the directive, a correct conformity assessment must be carried out, and a Declaration of Conformity must accompany the equipment. Machinery in particular must carry the familiar CE marking which indicates a claim of conformity for all relevant product directives.

The directive came into full force on 1st January 1995 for machinery and 1st January 1997 for safety components. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer, importer or end supplier of the equipment to ensure that it is in conformity with this directive.

2) The Use of Work Equipment by Workers at Work Directive

Implemented in the UK as The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (often abbreviated to PUWER). Whereas the Machinery Directive is aimed at suppliers, this directive is aimed at users of machinery. It covers all industrial sectors and it places general duties on employers together with minimum requirements for the safety of work equipment. They are of particular relevance to existing pre-Machinery Directive machinery (newer machinery will already conform to the equivalent requirements of the Machinery Directive).

Any company which has taken a responsible attitude to safety under existing and previous legal requirements should not find these regulations onerous but it is recommended that a check is made to determine whether any action is required.

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