Distribution, Circuit Protection & Power Monitoring

Schneider Electric are leading suppliers of low voltage electrical distribution equipment, for both commercial and industrial buildings in the UK. Their comprehensive range includes miniature circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers and air circuit breakers.

Schneider's low voltage circuit breaker distribution boards suitable for all applications up to 250A in single phase and three phase configurations including metering to meet the latest building regulations. These boards are designed and manufactured to provide the specifier, installer and end users with products that offer advanced solutions. All Schneider boards are complemented by a wide range of wall mounting equipment and control products, including individual circuit breaker protection and fusegear...

Powerpact4Low voltage moulded case circuit breaker and fuse panel boards including metering to meet the latest building regulations up to 2000A in rating. These include the ability to provide switched neutral and add earth fault protection.

Miniature circuit breaker

Low voltage miniature circuit breakers for DIN rail mounting and use within Isobar 4 distribution boards
Low voltage moulded case circuit breakerA compact range of low voltage moulded case circuit breakers covering every type of application from 16 to 3200A. The communications option makes it possible to control power consumption, simplify maintenance and improve operating comfort. Low voltage air circuit breakerA range of low voltage air circuit breakers are available from 630A up to 6300A. These offer built-in communications and metering functions, all in optimised frame sizes. They are easy to install with user-friendly intuitive operation and environment-friendly design.
Residual current circuit breakerA comprehensive range of low voltage Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB) are for use in all applications, and available in various types for general distribution and specific loads. Low voltage combined MCB/RCD

A combined low voltage MCB/RCD combining overload, short circuit and earth leakage protection in 1 single pole device. Available in ratings from 6A to 45A type C.



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Socomec Retrofit lineEnergy Measurement - Retrofit from Socomec

Older facilities, built before optimised energy consumption was a consideration, often provide limited capacity for the integration of a dedicated energy efficient solution, yet have a great requirement for it. To meet this requirement, the Socomec Retrofit Line allows you to easily integrate metering and measuring points into the existing electrical enclosures at such sites.

The Retrofit line consists of COUNTIS Retrofit and DIRIS Retrofit, both of which utilise TCO split-core current transformers. Together they allow measuring, metering, monitoring and analysis of single and three phase networks up to 600 A, even inside the most cramped cabinet.

Socomec Countis E



COUNTIS E products meter electric power consumed by loads, thereby enabling control and allocation of consumption.
They are MID certified and communicate via RS485.

Socomec Diris A   


Beside metering functions, the new DIRIS A multi-function measuring stations monitor and optimise networks by alarm management, monitoring distribution parameters and the remote control of electrical devices. They communicate via Ethernet and have temperature modules.


Socomec Diris N


Also covering the metering and counting functions, the DIRIS N analyses the quality of the energy supplied in compliance with the criteria defined by standard EN 50160 and provides a detailed analysis of ‘pollution’ (harmonic, inter-harmonic, transient, flicker effects etc.).



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