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Data acquisition is an essential function in any successful automation system architecture. The function encompasses a wide variety of components which monitor the status of products, machines or the various operations going on within an industrial process or installation.

Despite being based upon different technologies, these components can still be grouped into categories depending upon the nature of the information they send back to the automation system. Typical functions include status or level detection, positional information, data required to identify a product, and other applications.

Electromechanical limit switches, proximity sensors and photo-electric detectors will give status indication and, depending upon their design, will detect an object's presence, absence or passage, it's colour and size. These devices can also be used to detect dangerous situations, and some limit switches are specifically designed to serve as safety interlock devices.

Thermostats, pressure switches and vacuum switches will signal any change of a temperature or pressure, from a pre-determined level, and float switches can be used to monitor the level of a liquid in a tank. All these devices provide a digital signal that is on or off.

In the case of incremental or absolute encoders however, a changing output signal is transmitted in real time which, when processed, can give the true position of an object which is rotating or moving linearly.

Barcode readers can identify objects optically. Inductive identification systems, using read/write heads and electronic badges, go even further in that products can be uniquely identified, can carry individual data relating only to themselves and can interface effectively with automation systems being used in their manufacture.

We offer a range of detection products from a large but carefully selected list of manufactures.

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