Pendant controlPendant Control

These devices are mainly used at ground level for control of moving tackle such as hoists, small travelling cranes, overhead cranes etc. They comprise devices such as pushbuttons, key switches and signalling devices. There are two versions available, those for control circuit applications and those for power circuit applications.

Pendant control stations are available in several options:

  • Fixed wired
  • Radio controlled
  • Infra-red

Remote Joystick Controls
Joystick Control

Joystick controllers are mainly used for control of movement on one or two axes via an intermediary contactor, e.g. for movements of translation/direction or raise/lower on equipment such as cranes. They generally support 2 to 8 directions and can comprise several contacts per direction, with or without return to zero position.

Certain types of joystick controller can be fitted with a 'dead man's' contact in the operating lever.

Special joystick controllers can be manufactured to suit your application.

Street Crane Remote Control

Remote Controls

As well as offering flexibility and freedom, remote control units can also improve safety, reliability and even contribute to the operating characteristics of your crane functions by automating certain processes through their programmable functionality.

As part of the SCX Group, Burnand XH can offer unbeatable discounts on the Street Crane range of remote control units, with Street CraneXpress providing the integration of these units through conversion of your current systems.

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