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Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

From the humble pushbutton to the most complex operator dialogue terminal, Schneider Electric’s Harmony and Magelis ranges are open-ended, highly innovative and synonymous with seamless integration and effective configuration solutions in dialogue applications.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Smart Relays and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Schneider Electric has a very comprehensive offer of automation products, for all sectors of activity. The Zelio and Modicon ranges are high performance, efficient and environmentally friendly products that are designed to reduce your energy costs and increase the safety of personnel and equipment.

Smart relays and programmble logic controllers (plc)

Soft Starters, Variable Speed Drives and Servo Motors/Drives

The Altistart, Altivar and Lexium ranges increase the efficiency of your machines, reduce their energy consumption and optimise their kinematics. Easy to install, offering intuitive programming and extensive communication options, they are easily integrated into your control system architectures.

Soft starters, variable speed drives and servo motors/drives

Motor Control Components

Schneider Electric’s TeSys products offer an extensive range of innovative motor protection and power control solutions; a comprehensive range of contactors, circuit breakers, starters, motor starters and power control components that protect your machines and installations.

Motor control components

Power Supplies

Schneider Electric offers complete and compact ranges of power supplies (switch mode or filtered rectified) and transformers. With the Phaseo range, your installations will be equipped with a high quality AC or DC power supply compliant with international standards.

Power supplies

Interfaces and I/O

From simple connectors to integrated I/O platforms, monobloc products to modular solutions, Modicon I/O presents an extensive range of interfaces and I/O for any application. The compact dimensions and pre-wired system characteristics of the Modicon I/O range allow you to optimise installation time, minimise costs and the risk of error, as well as simplify maintenance.

Interfaces and I/O

Networks, Connectivity and Web Servers

Schneider Electric’s communication solutions for industrial networks monitor your control system applications to give you precise control and maintenance data in real time. Remote intelligence modules or in-rack modules for PLCs, standalone products and devices – the Modicon FactoryCast, AS-Interface and Modicon Connexium ranges provide access to advanced functions, flexible tools and services for optimising communication between all your automation products.

Networks, connectivity and web servers

Machine Safety

In addition to moral obligation and economic consequences, the law requires that machinery is safe in the interests of accident prevention. Preventa offers an extensive range of safety products, compliant with international standards, designed to provide the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment.

Machine safety


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