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Across our branches in Sheffield, Hull and Scunthorpe, Burnand XH keep a wide range of control panel Transformers in stock, from 50VA up to 2.5kVA.

But if your project requires something a little different, we also provide bespoke products for very specific size and power requirements and demanding applications.

  • Single-phase transformers 1VA to 1MVA with AC or DC outputs

  • Three-phase transformers from 50VA to 2MVA with AC or DC outputs

  • Single-phase to three-phase converters

  • Auto-starter transformers for Korndorffer method of starting

  • Enclosed transformers IP43 to IP55

  • UPS systems                        

  • Toroids

  • Frequency converters

  • 110V site equipment

Single-phase transformer Enclosed transformer
Selection of transformers Control Curcuit Transformer
Custom transformer ETE 130 transformer



Our special order custom transformers can be open framed or enclosed and built with isolators, fuses or circuit breakers. Bespoke features can include:

  • Special sizes

  • Choice of colour

  • IP Rated housings

  • Circuit protection

  • Outlet sockets

  • Other devices can be incorporated at the customer’s request

We supply many special transformers from the smallest size of around 25VA, up to the larger sizes, around 1MVA. This also includes medium voltage units of up to 6.6KV or high current products up to many thousands of Amps.


All the transformers we supply are designed and manufactured in the UK, so there’s no compromise on quality. Made in Great Britain As well as transformers,
Burnand XH also supply the full complement of ancillary panel building products
Panel-building products

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