Could you Save More £££s with Easy-fit Energy Monitors?

Step 1Schneider energy monitor

Measure where you can make cost savings

Identify whether it’s heating, cooling, motors, lighting, electronics or appliances that are costing the most, so that you can take steps to improve efficiency and make cost savings


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Step 2

Prove the effectiveness of your energy efficiency measures

Once energy efficiency measures are installed, prove that they are saving you £££s, and exactly how much



Production lineStep 3Optimise your product portfolio based on direct energy costings

Determine exactly how much energy is used to produce each of your products and then streamline or price accordingly – and make more £££s!



Retrofit from Socomec

The Socomec Retrofit range of energy monitoring products is designed for ease of integration into even the oldest facilities and electrical enclosures – because these are often the ones that need it the most.

The COUNTIS Retrofit and DIRIS Retrofit both utilise TCO split-core current transformers. Together they allow measuring, metering, monitoring and analysis of single and three phase networks up to 600A, even inside the most cramped cabinet.



Measurement: Socomec Countis E

COUNTIS E products meter electric power consumed by loads, thereby enabling control and allocation of consumption. They are MID certified and communicate via RS485.


Socomec DIRIS A


Management: Socomec Diris A

Beside metering functions, the new DIRIS A multi-function measuring stations monitor and optimise networks by alarm management, monitoring distribution parameters and the remote control of electrical devices. They communicate via Ethernet and have temperature modules.


Socomec DIRIS N


Analysis: Socomec Diris N

Also covering the metering and counting functions, the DIRIS N analyses the quality of the energy supplied in compliance with the criteria defined by standard EN 50160 and provides a detailed analysis of ‘pollution’ (harmonic, inter-harmonic, transient, flicker effects etc.).


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