Harmony XB5S Biometric Switch

Harmony XB5S is an innovative biometric switch that uses fingerprint recognition to control access to your machines, vehicles, and rooms.

No password to be remembered.   No losing or forgetting the key.

Harmony XB5S Biometric switchSimple, reliable and efficient

Fingerprint recognition is one of the fastest and most accurate ways of verifying access rights.

Harmony XB5S enables you to restrict access to sensitive zones and machine functions (starting, adjustment, maintenance, etc.) to authorized personnel only.

The database of authorized users can be managed directly on the device or externally via a PC or HMI interface. The Harmony XB5S switch enables you to determine the level of access to different process areas and individual HMI menu tabs.

Fingerprint recognition allows you to prevent unwarranted machine use, helping you to protect your staff, your equipment and the continuity of your production processes.


Applications:Harmony XB5S on YouTube

  • Specific or dangerous processes
  • Servicing or setting-up processes
  • Controlling access to restricted workspaces
  • Switching machine to or from maintenance mode
  • Resetting following activation of an emergency stop
  • Restricting access to HMI settings


  • Trustworthy technology: optical sensor.
  • Robust: excellent resistance to mechanical shock and vibration, EMC protection, IP65…
  • High memory capacity: 200 recorded fingerprints.
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  • Autonomy and anonymity guaranteed.
  • Simplicity
  • Fully stand-alone, including programming and operation. No supplementary interface required, all operations are performed directly on the front face of the product. 
  • Compact: mounting in standard Ø 22 mm cut-out.
  • Quick connection using bared wires or M12 connector.
  • Less maintenance and machine downtime.
  • Elimination of costs associated with the administration or loss of keys, cards, badges, etc.
  • Intuitive coloured LED dialogue
  • Easy fixing by single nut