SP5000Proface Smart Portal SP5000 HMIs: Easy and Secure

Connect to factories and offices while ensuring the highest security.

With Pro-face's open connectivity, the SP5000 series allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded to SMART PORTAL and transmitted in an optimal format to those who need it.


Smart Portal also features:

Processing and display 8 times faster than current high-end HMIs   Windows 7 PC applications, FTP servers and SCADA interaction on the HMI-panel
Various comms ports to connect to many manufacturers’ PLCs, plus C Fast/ SD card slot   Modular design allows 12 different combinations of displays and central processing boxes
Premium screen features multi-touch operation, brightness sensor and auto-scaling   High resolution colour screen from 7 to 15 inches in 4:3 or widescreen format
Audio output as standard   Integrated mounting bracket


More than just HMI

Pro-face introduces Smart Portal, a whole new series of operator panels that exceeds all expectations of traditional HMI. The modular design of the SP5000 Series allows 12 different combinations of advanced and premium displays with two types of detachable central processing boxes. Exchanging the screen or the rear box is easy and fast.

The processing box comes in two variations: Power Box and Open Box. The Power box comes with hardware and software in the best tradition of Pro-face HMI, while being 8 times faster than current high-end HMIs. The Open Box with Intel Atom CPU runs Windows Embedded Standard 7 to open up PC functions right on the HMI-panel. Think of viewing (PDF) manuals, spread sheets, movies, and graphics all by using standard Windows office applications. Connection to networks makes it possible to use e-mail, FTP servers, SCADA interaction and the Pro-face Remote HMI app for Android and iOS devices.

Proface SP5000 range

Various types of communication ports and drivers allow connection to controllers of many PLC makers. Both Open box and Power Box feature a wide array of connection ports including 2 serial ports, 2 gigabit Ethernet ports (to isolate the factory network from the office network), USB type A and type mini B for data transfer and peripherals, such as Pro-face USB solutions from the EZ Series. Audio output is standard on both models as well as an expansion unit interface for additional future connection types. In addition, the Open Box unit features a DVI-D video port and audio input. High resolution colour displays with screen sizes ranging from 7 to 15 inch deliver fast and crisp graphics in 4:3 or widescreen format. Premium displays have multi-touch operation, a front USB port and features automatic scaling of screens to the display resolution.

With GP-Pro EX version 4.01 you can create attractive operator screens in an intuitive way. WinGP runtime comes pre-installed on the Open Box with Intel CPU to run your HMI application on Windows.


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