GP4000 series:
The New Standard in Pro-face HMI touchscreens 

The Pro-face GP has already achieved cutting-edge functionality, and now pushes the limits of the HMI industry with the new-generation model GP4000 SERIES bringing high performance closer to humans with an even more user-friendly interface.

Proface GP400 series screen

Easy to Identify, Easy to Use

With the standard 65,536-color TFT display, you can use "3D Real Parts" to easily monitor operating conditions and environments in real time.

 Proface GP4000 energy saving

Energy Saving

The GP4000 Series is equipped with an LED-backlit LCD screen and features a dimmer setting for power saving.


Proface GP4000 Quick Recovery

Quick On-site Recovery

The Alarm Analysis function allows you to easily find out where an error has occurred and what conditions led to the error.


Proface GP4000 remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

With its standard Ethernet interface, the GP4000 Series allows you to easily collect production site data from your office PC.




Download the GP4000
series product guide

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