Preventa XUSL Safety Light Curtains

Schneider Electric has launched a new range of safety light curtains: Preventa XUSL2E and XUSL4E.

As well as being an improved version of the previous product, the new Preventa XUSL Safety Light Curtain range is also now much more cost-effective, cheaper than the leading brand and price-matched to many others.

Safety Light Curtains protect machine operators should they attempt to enter a dangerous zone, by cutting power to the hazardous machinery upon a physical breakage of their multiple light beams.


The Preventa XUSL Safety Light Curtains from Schneider Electric offer the following benefits:


Simple to use

  • All the key functionalities in one product, including embedded functions for stand-alone applications
  • Configurable without a programming terminal
  • Two maximum sensing distances selectable by wiring
  • Automatic or manual start/reset as EDM selectable by wiring
  • External Device Monitoring (switching devices monitoring, e.g. relays or contactors)

Ease of installation

With only 29mm x 31.5mm cross section, is one of the most compact products on the market with all key features embedded, and allows quick and easy integration and repositioning in demanding machine areas.

Compliance with safety certifications

Preventa XUSL offers compliance with safety standards up to type 4, SIL 3, PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1, IEC 61508, IEC 62061, IEC 61496-1 and IEC 61496-2 standards.


Click here to download the catalogue

Click here to download the catalogue

Preventa safety light curtains in operation
Preventa safety light curtain diagram



  • Safety light curtains Preventa XUSL for finger, hand or body detection
  • Sensing distance for long range models: up to 20m for hand & body type 4
  • Protected height: 160 - 1810mm
  • Response time: 2.5 - 25ms
  • Electrical connection: M12, 5pin or 8pin
  • Degree of electrical protection: IP65, IP67, IP69K (specific models)
  • Temperature: operable from -10 to +55°C, down to -25°C for IP69K products with heating system
  • Cascadable master/slave segments (specific models)

XUSL safety light curtains

Wide range of accessories available

  • Supports for mechanical protection
  • Fixing bases for floor mounting
  • Vibration absorbers
  • Mirror Supports for body detection
  • Deflective mirrors
  • Laser pointer for alignment assistance
  • Window protection (over-screen for harsh environment
  • Special fixing brackets (curved and swivelling)