High performance miniature laser sensors – at affordable prices

Datasensor UK have recently introduced the new S3Z miniature models with red LASER CLASS 1 emission, completing the existing S3Z Photoelectric Sensor range.

Suitable for the automotive and beverage and bottling industries, as well as packaging lines, the S3Z Laser is available in Retroreflex Polarized, Through-Beam and Background Suppression (BGS) versions all of which offer high detection accuracy and repeatability. And the Datasensor S3Z laser was designed to be affordable, so contact Burnand XH now for great prices.

Features at a glance:

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DataSensor S3Z minature photoelectric sensors

Laser Polarized model

  • Operating distance 0.3…10m
  • Spot dimension Ø5mm at 3m

Laser Through beam model

  • Operating distance 0…30m
  • Spot dimension Ø5mm at 3m

Laser Background Suppression (BGS) model

  • Operating distance 40…400mm
  • Spot dimension Ø0,5mm at 200mm
  • Black/White hysteresis < 5% at 150mm of operating distance


Common technical data

  • Response time 250us
  • Operating temperature -10 to 55°C
  • DARK/LIGHT operating mode by trimmer
  • Mechanical protection IP67
  • PC +PBT material for an extremely rugged housing
  • PMMA material for the lenses