Harmony eXLhoist – Wireless Crane Remote ControlHarmont eXLhoist wireless crane control

Schneider Electric’s Harmony eXLhoist wireless remote control is designed for single handed operation, offering the user more freedom, flexibility and most importantly, safety.


Designed for intuitive operation

The position of the buttons enables easy one-hand operation.

Robust performance and safety compliance

  • In-built protection against unintended operation, compliant with SIL1, PL c
  • Wireless emergency stop certified SIL3, PL e
  • Aligned with new wireless safety standards.
  • New battery technology
  • Up to 50 systems running simultaneously
  • Automatic remote device replacement without intervention at the base station
  • Unrestricted worldwide use: Global compatible 2.4GHz frequency
  • All the key diagnostic data at your fingertips
  • Remote diagnostics capabilities




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Harmony eXLhoist brings you a new efficiency

  • One hand operation thanks to intuitive pushbuttons disposition: the operator controls the crane without focusing on the buttons, but concentrates on the load.
  • Operator protection: Harmony eXLhoist prevents from unexpected operations and protect your operator, equipment, and load.
  • High availability: charge time for the battery is only 15 minutes for 30h runtime, so you do not need a back-up. In addition, the battery working life is up to five years, which is double the life of a traditional battery
  • Unrestricted worldwide use: the globally compatible 2.4GHz frequency used enables you to deploy the same solution worldwide and standardize your spare parts stock. It also prevents interference between many remote control stations, allowing up to 50 systems running simultaneously.
Download the catalogue: Harmony eXLhoist brochure