Conforming Isolators provide failsafe assurance of isolation indicationInside a conforming isolator

High integrity conforming isolators take the on/off flag indication reading from the main contact shaft. Unlike other isolators that take the reading from the auxiliary shaft, Failsafe Flag isolators provide absolute indication of isolation.

Over time, vital components can wear and fail or even become damaged, meaning a standard off-the-shelf isolator can show a false reading if a fault develops anywhere along the connection to the main contact shaft; just because the indicator is in the off position, this is not a failsafe guarantee that the equipment is isolated. But with a Failsafe Flag design of isolator, you can be sure that it is.

 Failsafe Flag design protects against:

  • Welded switch contacts
  • Worn handles
  • Misaligned handles
  • Broken or worn linkages
  • Automatic and remote starting of equipment
  • Failure of components or control systems

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2 isloatorsThe Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, require precautions to be taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity in work activities. BS EN 60947 defines the correct specification and use of isolators/switch disconnectors.

Switch disconnectors (Isolators) intended for use by non-electrical competent persons need to be of high integrity. Provision of positive indication that the device is in the OPEN (Isolated) position is essential.
Red Flag Switchgear uses only high Integrity components, all fully certified and CE marked. These include:

  • A load break switch disconnector suitable for isolation duty as specified in BS60947 Parts 1 + 3, compliant with BS 7671:2000 (see regulation 537), BS EN 60204-1, 1998
  • AC23A utilisation category
  • A form of auxiliary indication for positively confirming that the required isolation distance has been achieved for all poles when the isolator is in the OPEN position - a mechanical flag driven directly from the moving contact assembly
  • A facility for locking the isolator in the OPEN position, capable of taking standard padlocks and callipers

Key features:

Pair of isolators
  •      Positive Indication via failsafe flag mechanism
  •      Fully complies with BSEN60947-3A
  •      Range of sizes covering 32Amp to 800Amp
  •      3, 4 and 6 Pole Versions
  •      Neutral Link Assemblies available
  •      Optional tinned contacts for sulphur atmospheres
  •      Wide range of handles with door interlocks
  •      Early break auxiliary contacts available
  •      IP65 enclosures (6 = heavy dust, 5 = Water jet)
  •      Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or GRP enclosures