Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives

  • Optimised for the Utilities Industries –
    ideal for water and gas pumps

  • Fully programmable

  • Increased screen size to display more information and assist programmable functionality

  • Digital Connectivity with QR codes to direct the user to online manuals and features

         Oil and gas applications    
Water treatment Applications Food and Beverage Applications

Altivar Process uses new BEP (Best Efficiency Point) Technology; simply enter your pump details and your Altivar Process drive will automatically select the most efficient settings.

BEP Technology also provides an ongoing process efficiency assessment alerting you to possible future pump faults and associated maintenance requirements – saving you money by avoiding costly breakdowns and downtime.


VSD Altivar Process VSD VSD

Altivar Process delivers process efficiency

  • User friendly
  • High performance
  • Reduced energy & maintenance costs
  • Adaptable to new, retrofit or upgrade installations

Your process deserves
more than just a drive.

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Learn more about Altivar Process’ features from Schneider Electric’s
interactive web brochure





Standards Compliance

Power 0.75 to 315 kW 110 to 1.5 MW IEC/EN
Voltage 200 - 400 - 690 V 400 -500 - 690 V
Power 30 to 90 kW 110 to 1.5 MW IEEE519
Voltage 400 V 400 - 500 - 690 V
IPL21 - IP55
UL Type 1
IPL - IP23 - IP54
UL Type 1 - UL Type 12


The first of the new range is
available now from Burnand XH

Click here to download the catalogue
Click here to download the catalogue